Richard Crossman BA(hons) M.Ed. PGCE

"I bring over twenty-five years experience of practicing mindfulness and other meditative techniques to my teaching practice, and have received training through the Universities of Oxford and Exeter and I am following the Bangor University Personal and Professional Development Mindfulness Teacher Training route. For my Master of Education degree I studied the effects of mindfulness meditation on creative thinking, and researched the effects of mindfulness training on student teachers. I am currently doing a little bit of work with the University of Oxford, helping to rate the quality of mindfulness teaching as a part of the Myriad Project and their mindfulness teacher certification provision."

"I was one of the first few teachers to train to teach the the Mindfulness in Schools Project's .b ('dot-bee') course, and have been teaching it to FE students since 2011 alongside my normal lecturing duties. I have also taught teachers and students throughout Devon. As well as MBSR, I teach .b Foundations which is aimed at teachers and school staff and the 'Finding Peace' course which follows the bestselling book on mindfulness by Professor Mark Williams and Dr. Danny Penman."

"I am deeply commited to mindfulness as a technique and as way of life, and follow the UK guidelines for mindfulness teachers. I have witnessed first-hand what 8-week courses in mindfulness can do for people suffering with a variety of debilitating conditions, and although not currently planning to teach clinically myself, I know that it can help make lives better... in all kinds of ways."



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