How to apply for a course...


Step 1 - Fill in the application form below
Before we get started, fill out the application form to let us know that you want a place on one of our courses and to let us have a few very simple bits of information about you.

Step 2 - Background information
Once we have filled the application form, you will be redirected to a questionnaire deisgned to let us know a little more about why you want to do mindfulness, and your suitablility to doing a course. Research shows that although mindfulness has a lot to offer, it is not always appropriate to teach people who are currently suffering from certain conditions, and we want to make really sure that it is the right time for you to be doing one of our courses. If you would prefer to let us know about your background over the phone, let us know on the form below and we will contact you by email to arrange a time to have a chat.

Step 3 - Let's have a quick chat
We will get in touch to discuss your responses to our questionnaire, and offer you a place on the course if we think it is the right time for you. If for some reason we think that it would be the wrong thing for you at this particular time, we will explain why and suggest ways of finding help more suited to you. At the present time, Discovering Mindfulness does not offer mindfulness as a clinical intervention for serious mental health issues.

Step 4 - Payment
When we have offered you a place, you can pay by card or cheque on the first session of the course, you will also be able to pay online if you'd prefer, but there might be a small additional charge to cover costs.         07790 733 786